#Time2Define the plan - IT'S HERE!!!

So the launch of Jelly Fitness Online training program - #Time2Define has happened!

This 6 week intense, gym based plan will strip your body fat and tone your muscles whilst making you stronger; physically and mentally!

This plan is just £20.00 - yes £20! once you have it, its yours to use when and how often you choose! Why only £20?? Well because at Jelly Fitness we believe in affordable fitness and education - Not mass profit!

Do not under estimate this plan, it will be tough, it will test you, however your in control how intense you make it! If you want more, you will get better results - simple!

So watch this video Time2Define is here!! and see if its something you want to tackle!

If your in, then click here! 

If you have any questions then ask below....

See you on the other side!


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  • Dave says...


    Is the plan still available

    March 05, 2016

  • Jelly Fitness says...

    Natalie, thanks for the comment. Yes it would be feasible to complete this plan as a Vegan, however, your protein sources will be rather limited and could hinder your progress.

    This current plan requires gym access for 6 weeks.

    Many thanks and I hope this helps.

    Jelly Fitness

    January 25, 2016

  • Natalie Cawthorne says...

    Hi, would I be able to do the time 2 define programme as i am a vegan? Also the hour of exercise per day is this done in a gym or at home or boot camps?


    January 06, 2016

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