My vision and crowd funding explained.

Our vision and crowdfunding explained. 
The Vision
I can’t go into too much detail as I am still trying desperately to get the financial backing to make my dream a reality. But I will give a brief  insight into my idea. I want to create a fitness centre accessible to all, somewhere where people feel comfortable no matter what their size or shape. I want to open  a fitness centre aimed at the groups that traditional gyms ignore. My venue will have areas for children, All children! No parent will ever have to say sorry because their  child has a condition that makes them behave differently to other children. We will encourage children to be active from an early age and to participate in groups and classes. We will have nutrition and exercise plans for all abilities so that people have clear goals. We will not be  disabled friendly we will be disabled welcoming! There is so much more  that we will have on offer for all groups of people that feel mainstream gyms are not for them. Traditional gyms ignore certain client groups as it is  much more effort to encourage the inactive to exercise than it is to target those that are already active. We will not tie people in to memberships so we will not take money from people who are not using our facility. We want people to be active, we don’t just want their money. We want to inspire the forgotten groups to enjoy activity so that they keep coming back. We want to be fun, focused and respected. 
Crowd Funding Explained
If you had asked me what crowd funding is a year ago I would have given you a blank look and ridiculous guess. This is because people don’t know what it is until they need it, so I will briefly explain. Crowd funding is a means for a business or cause to raise  money through public donations or “pledges” it is not an investment and there are no shares in the business on offer. Members of the public get to see the idea that is presented and if they like it they choose a pledge. This can be anything from £10 just because you believe in the idea to £25000 for an advertising and hospitality bundl. As the pledge increases so does the reward you will receive from the project you are backing. So step by step this is how you back us!
1. Go to 
2. Click on choose pledge
3. Decide on the pledge you would like to make and the reward you would like.
4. Click pledge now
5. Complete the process by choosing your payment method. 
6. Once the  project comes to an end you will receive your reward if the target is met. If the target is not met you will get your pledge back. 
7. Remember the biggest reward will be the best fitness facility in the East Midlands
Thank you for reading this article we hope you enjoyed it. 
More details of our idea are available by contacting me directly at 

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