Fitness Venture

As one door closes another opens! Today our first attempt at opening a fitness facility came to a close, as our Crowd Funder page failed to reach its target. Therefore, Jacqueline and I would like to thank everyone that did support us by pledging something. This is not the end, far from it! Plan B was put in place a few weeks ago with this failure in mind, which will create an epic door for us to open! We are not as yet ready to disclose this information, however when the tim...e is right we will of course let you know!

So, to those that did support us, thank you! Your money will not be taken and no one will be charged for anything! However, once our facility is up and running we will be very generous to you all to say thank you!

The CF page gave us a huge insight to things, great publicity and has generated a great deal of interest, so thanks to everyone so far for sharing, the comments and to those that pledged!

Here is to the next phase! ‪#‎WeAreJellyFitness


Here it is!!! The moment we have been planning for months now!! The start of our own Jelly Fitness Leisure Venue!

Currently Jelly Fitness consists of outdoor bootcamps in Hucknall, fitness classes in Hucknall, sports massage services, personal training, health and nutrition advice and volunteering fitness services all of which are spread over various areas of Nottinghamshire.

Over the past four years we have created a business and built a reputation between Hucknall and Mansfield for good value, good quality and achievable long term results. Jelly Fitness would now like to expand the business to create a unique exercise experience in an innovative fitness centre environment that will motivate people from all backgrounds to take part in exercise and achieve fitness goals. With this in mind, we are in the process of becoming a Community Interest Company, to allow us to really make a difference!

Our vision is bold, brave and ambitious and will change the face of gym based exercise.

Jelly Fitness Leisure will include and provide:

  • A low cost facility that opens from at least 6am through to 11pm each day, with scope to open 24/7.
  • A large supervised crèche opening from 8am to 8pm each day.
  • Classes suitable for children as young as 3 years old.
  • Classes that cater for families.
  • Areas for teenagers to use dynamo powered Xboxs etc via cardio kit such as bikes,
  • Access and equipment suitable for disabilities including the blind.
  • Dedicated staff to cater for these individuals.
  • Sensory room(s) suitable for individuals with emotional difficulties.
  • Staff and initiatives to cater and tackle high BMIs, and people at risk with weight related illnesses.
  • Several areas that can cater for aspects of self-esteem levels. i.e. beginner’s areas that feel safe and are designed to help those with low self- esteem fell at ease. (Not having to walk through the “Gym”.)
  • Café open throughout to encourage social integration into the environment and reduce social isolation and to build community networking.
  • Weekly workshops and seminars in to healthy lifestyles, weight management and a focus on prevention instead of crisis intervention.
  • Educational boards, notices, videos and signs “how to”…
  • Plans and programs available for all levels.
  • Plants and green focused environments. Including natural light where possible.
  • Classes, education and social integration for the elderly.
  • New style of group exercise classes alongside traditional classes.
  • Innovative group exercise environment – but this is a close guarded secret.
  • Solar panels and energy producing equipment to reduce or eliminate costs.


For more details please visit our Crowd Funder Page here >> CLICK ME <<

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Here are a few questions answered by the head coach and founder of Jelly Fitness; Simon Gunn FdSc, BA (Hons) .


Our Vision

Our philosophy is one of providing low cost activities while achieving positive results. Jelly fitness strives to help people stay on a lifelong path of regular exercise and healthy eating. Our diet and exercise plans are balanced so that they can be used as a long term lifestyle change, not as a quick fix diet that will eventually result in the client reverting back to their former lifestyle. We pride ourselves on delivering exercise programmes that anyone can use regardless of fitness levels, disability or age, and our aim is to get as many people as possible taking part in regular physical activity. We will help clients to build confidence, achieve goals and make positive lifestyle changes. For those that would like to pursue further sporting activities once confidence is built, we will make introductions to sports teams and clubs so that they can further their achievements and progress in their chosen sport. We are passionate about exercise and sport and our ambition is to use this enthusiasm to encourage and inspire others, and to show that we can create activities that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of any limitations. Our vision is to bring exercise to those that feel excluded from traditional gyms and classes and prove that anyone can achieve goals and improve fitness levels. Our mission is to get the nation active in a creative, innovative and inclusive way.  

Jelly Fitness: Leisure Facility

Strategy 2016


This innovative new service is being introduced to break away from the traditional approach to exercise and weight management, this pioneering new exercise facility will allow clients to take part in exercise classes tailored to their specific needs in an environment that they feel comfortable in. We will provide classes specifically designed for

  • Those will low fitness levels
  • Those with High BMI’s
  • Those with child care issues
  • Children and teenagers
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with learning disabilities
  • The elderly.

The service is not intended to replicate traditional gyms or exercise classes. The client will have a programme that is specifically aimed at an identified goal with the intention of building confidence and increasing fitness levels in order to achieve the desired results. Our facility will focus on the groups in society that traditional gyms struggle to accommodate, and we will have areas of the facility dedicated to those groups. We will also have people not only trained in fitness but also trained in supporting our clientele with their specific needs.

 How the services will be provided?

The programme of events at our leisure facility will include tailored classes for specific client groups, these classes will consist of exercises created to be achievable by the group that they are designed for. In order to ensure that there are activities that suit everyone and can be enjoyed by a variety of people we will have equipment that appeals to a wide range of customers. Once fully established we will provide:

  • Traditional free weight s and gym machinery
  • A cardio wall
  • Equipment designed to accommodate those with physical disabilities
  • X box Kinects
  • Crèche and soft play area
  • Child focused equipment
  • Classes for those will low confidence
  • Classes for those with low fitness levels
  • Classes for children
  • Classes for the elderly
  • Classes for those with learning disabilities (these will include on-site support workers)
  • Classes for the elderly
  • Classes for those with physical disabilities (these will include on site support workers)
  • Dedicated areas for children with special needs where parents can feel comfortable that no one is judging them or their children.

We will also provide support via web chat and texting to offer advice and encouragement, along with coffee mornings so that people can discuss fears, goals and achievements. We will create a gym buddy system through web forums, notice boards and coffee mornings. We will have a beginner room for those uncomfortable with training in the main gym area. This will be fully equipped but the area will be reserved only for those that are struggling with confidence and feel intimidated training in a traditional gym environment, we will provide screened off areas to give a more private area in which to exercise.

How we will achieve our aims:

We will provide a service that can meet a variety of needs while providing a diverse selection of training and activity options to ensure there is something for everyone. Our facility will embrace differences and be sensitive to the needs of all sectors of society. We will offer a personalised service that will be tailored for individual goals and will suit all ability levels.

We will use funding, grants and a portion of our profits to give discounted exercise for those unable to afford to exercise in gyms or other training facilities. We are using crowd funding to start our business as we want to be in a position where we are as debt free as possible so that we can provide low cost fitness.

Moving forward we will apply for grants and source donations so that we can fulfil our commitment to giving low cost, quality exercise facilities.

We will focus on having a carbon neutral exercise facility to reduce both our costs and the impact on the environment. We will achieve this by using solar panel and electricity producing equipment.

Focus on prevention and reduce the need for crisis intervention.

With the obesity crisis getting worse and the nation becoming less active it is becoming increasingly common for people to have weight loss surgery, our aim is to reduce the instances of this by introducing people to our facility before the weight gain becomes significant enough for surgery. By providing realistic exercise plans and easy to follow diets clients will be more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our gym will offer fun children’s classes along with unique exercise equipment to encourage younger gym members into an active lifestyle that will last a lifetime. By introducing children to the gym early and allowing them to watch their parents exercise, regular activity will become an established part of life that will continue into adulthood.

Reducing the costs

Our service hopes to help relieve the financial implications of having an overweight and unfit nation. Opening up exercise to more people and encouraging a healthy lifestyle that is achievable by everyone will help reduce the cost of providing weight loss surgery, this will be achieved by intervening early and providing activities that people enjoy and therefore want to continue with. Jelly fitness believe that by providing an environment that is inclusive of everyone we will encourage people to choose to exercise, this will reduce cases of weight related illness and alleviate some of the pressure that NHS is under.

Giving children the opportunity to exercise in a fun way while watching their parents will help future generations to choose an active lifestyle’ giving them the best chance of living a healthy life.

Reducing the cost of exercise will at our facilities will ensure that exercise is affordable for all

Reducing social isolation:

Providing low cost or free access to exercise socially isolated groups will help to reduce the need for other forms of support, while giving people the opportunity to make friends and develop other hobbies. We propose to provide community transport to promote activity for people that are unable to make their own way to our facilities. We will have support workers on site during activities aimed at people with learning disabilities or those mental health issues to help with any needs they may have.

Where we are now:

At present Jelly Fitness provides services that include outdoor exercise sessions for all ability levels. Currently we work as a sole trader company operating from a park in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. In addition to the bootcamp sessions that are ran by Jelly Fitness I also provide one to one training sessions and teach indoor cycling classes at the local leisure centre. I am an experienced trainer with a BA honours qualification in Sports Science and a qualification in sports massage.

Moving forward:

We will seek out suitable premises to allow us to fulfil the plan for the business expansion, we will trade as a limited company with a charitable aspect to the business to allow us to provide free and discounted support to certain client groups. Once the business is established we will continue to add new and innovative aspects to our facility and we will add appropriate equipment when needed. Once the business is in a strong financial position we will open up replica venues in other towns and cities.

Giving back to the community:

Jelly Fitness is in the process of starting our own charity, there will be no paid members of the board and no paid committee members, all donations will go back into the charity, once in a position to do so Jelly Fitness Ltd will put a percentage of the profits into the charity. The charity will help to fund new sporting ventures, will help those without access to funds to exercise, will help sports clubs to provide inclusive sessions and there will be special diary dates throughout the year such as Christmas dinner for elderly people.

We will make all of our leisure facilities as carbon neutral as possible to reduce the environmental impact and ensuring peace of mind for local communities.

We will locally source as many of our products as possible and we will use local businesses, where possible to provide and services we may require.

We will help other charities and organisation wherever we can, whether this be with donations or offering our time and expertise. We will forge partnerships with other organisations and services to provide a truly holistic approach to health and exercise.  

We will create local jobs and give opportunities to those members of society that traditionally struggle to find employment. We will offer voluntary positions to those needing work experience or for those wanting a new direction.

To request a hard or electronic copy of our strategy please contact